Mission Statement

At the Green Nursery we put children and their families at the centre of everything we do.  We strive to develop partnerships with children, parents and carer’s through a culture of listening, respect and collaboration, and by providing a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment.  We hold high expectations for all children regardless of race, culture, gender or ability and endeavour to provide a high-quality curriculum based on challenge, curiosity and investigation which encourages children’s awe and wonder for the world around them. This, we believe, allows our children to achieve their true potential as confident, independent and successful learners who are valuable contributors to society both now and in the future.


  • We believe all children are individuals and we aim for them to develop their capabilities to become confident, independent and successful learners.  We aim to promote healthy choices and to encourage positive behaviour at all times.  We believe that every child should have an enthusiasm for learning and the opportunity to recognise and celebrate their own achievements.  We will nurture children’s happiness and wellbeing and embrace their individual personalities.
  • We aim to provide an excellent standard of childcare and education within a warm, safe, fun and secure environment.  We strive to provide a challenging, high quality curriculum based on children’s want’s, needs and interests, that aim to foster curiosity, investigation and exploration and pay attention to the areas of learning set out in the Early Years foundation Stage framework (2014). We have high expectations for all the children we care for and anticipate that all children should reach their full potential.
  • We aim to promote respect, understanding, tolerance and trust throughout the setting.  We believe that our staff should be positive role models for children and foster values of equality for all members of society regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin or ability.  We believe that in partnership with children’s families and the wider community we have a responsibility to encourage children to respect the following fundamental British values:
    • Democracy
    • Rule of law
    • Individual liberty
    • Mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs
  • We believe for our children this means learning right from wrong, learning to take turns and share and to challenge negative views and stereotypes.
  • We aim to build strong partnerships with parents, carers and other family members to encourage a collaborative approach to their children’s learning, which draws upon the child’s experiences at home and the parent/carer’s knowledge of the child. We will work alongside other agencies to ensure children’s physical and emotional needs are always supported and they are always safe from harm.  We will listen to parents, carer’s and our family’s views and ideas to help shape the service and care we provide both now and in the future.
  • We aim to build a knowledgeable, professional and caring staff team who have a shared vision which they promote in everything they do.  For this to happen we recognise that all members of staff should have the support, guidance and training they require to ensure they reach their full potential.  We recognise the contribution that our staff make to the setting and we openly encourage ideas and proposals for our future development.  We nurture reflective practice amongst the staff team to ensure we are always striving to be the best we can be.


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